Broadsheet Melbourne

Flatiron Sidedoor Broadsheet Melbourne

Broadsheet is pretty much the Bible of Wining and Dining. And didn’t the team swoon in on the perfect wintery evening where the lights were low, the tunes were smooth, the interiors were toasty and the garden was humming with little parties of red wine sipping, pizza loving Melbournians.

“Good friends often bypass your front door. They know about the side door that’s always open, or the back gate that’s never locked. The concept of Kew’s new wine bar, Flatiron Side Door, was born from this idea.” 

“We want people to feel like they’re sitting on their best friend’s couch,” says Emma Bangay, who co-owns the bar with her husband Ben.

“The courtyard garden is lined with magnolias, and as night falls, candlelight and a pink glow from the LED-lit bar creates a cosy and comfortable atmosphere, like you’re in a friend’s stylish backyard for a few drinks. On that note, dogs are welcome here.”