Wine, art, a lush garden, great tunes, family, friends and delicious, simple fare.

“Side Door has a very personal resonance with the community through beautiful elements that bring people together,” says FLATIRON Side Door creator and co-founder, Ben Bangay.

A finely curated menu of wine, cocktails and beer star, while abundant platters and pizzas complement each drop to perfection.

With a lineage in horticulture, engineering and design, Ben – a film and television production designer – fortified all his passions and expertise into one single project: FLATIRON Side Door Wine Bar + Events Space.


Ben rebuilt and renovated the dilapidated flatiron-shaped building himself; knocking out many walls and windows, restoring the floor, making each table, welding all the grand doors and even hand-carving the marble-top bar.


“I’m constantly intrigued by the elements that give people a sense of belonging and home,” he says.


“I’m interested in the way light, texture, tastes, and ornamentation make people feel comfortable, so it was important for me to build the space around those sensory elements.”


With his wife Emma – a fashion and beauty journalist – the couple have designed a destination that acts as an extension of their home.


Emma works across all events – from weddings to 21sts, engagements to corporate functions – as well as marketing via @sidedoorwine


“Creating this space with family means that at its heart it is a welcoming oasis, with the deepest sympathies towards creature comforts and human connection,” Emma explains.


“The garden is as inviting and popular as the interior,” adds Ben, who is the younger brother of the internationally awarded landscape gardener, Paul Bangay OAM.


Ben’s planting in the garden – flush with trees and hedges that will continually evolve with time – ensures the outdoor space continually thrives. The garden offers shade and sanctuary, and a truly personal, family and dog–friendly feel, for all seasons.


“All we’ve done is create a base that each visitor continues to shape. No formalities, no fuss. Friends are always welcome through the Side Door.”