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Flatiron Sidedoor The Urban List

When you want a great night out, you want to concentrate on the company, not a complicated menu. Bravo Urban List for defining our message so beautifully within your definite guide! It was a huge honour to be featured fresh out of the gates in The Urban List, and so succinctly. We’ve never set out to be ‘the next big thing.’ The ‘old favourite’ will do us just fine!

“We want people to spend less time on fussy menus and fancy cocktails and more time on each other,” Emma says.

If the fit-out here feels warm and comfortable, that’s because Ben built most of it himself, from the scalloped timber bar down to the welded window frames. He is a production designer in film and TV, so the magic of the space rests on the light, movement, art and finishes he is so passionate about.

FLATIRON Side Door has one of the most beautiful outdoor areas we’ve come across in a long while: big, chunky timber tables, leafy trees, and a deck that catches the Kew sunshine all day long.